our concept


​The Light House is an exceptional micro-home designed around three “light” principles for your well-being and also for the good of all life around it.

Hovering above the ground beneath, blending into its surroundings, it is a living house as it is also a house for living. While integrating best practices in ecological architecture, it also offers a carefully contemplated aesthetic, both refined and minimal, inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design. Light Houses are finished products with custom-designed furnishings and a handful of crafted objects of art and decor. They embody an art de vivre that promises you greater joy through fewer things.

The Light House is also an invitation to spend more time living close to nature, and near to other people sharing that same aspiration. With its partially transparent structure offering panoramic views, its landscape becomes as important as the house itself. The land itself, along with certain resources, is shared between three Light Houses. Offing both co-ownership and rental, ours is an innovative, flexible solution for living part-time in nature.


"Inhabit the change."

our mission

​This is a house that wants to change you.

This is a house that wants to change the world, for it is by changing ourselves that the world will change. 

There are many places to begin, but our starting point is habitat.

Our mission is to offer the luxury of living harmoniously with nature in hand-crafted homes inspired by the elegance and simplicity of nature itself. 

Modern Structure

"Nature is our origin and our destiny."

Wooden Structure

our vision

A more beautiful world is within our reach.

We envision the development of Light House lands in France and beyond, dedicated to eco-exemplary micro homes and micro-communities to :

- share resources and work together as stewards of their common land,

- grow healthy food on the land, and source most other food locally,

- gain in autonomy and resilience, learning to meet their needs in energy, water, and waste disposal in the most environmentally responsible ways.

Together, we determined to craft a house like a fine instrument.

Carpenter Craving in Wood

meet the team


carsten Sprotte


American and French in nationality, yet the son of a Danish father, Carsten has been keen on aesthetics and ecology from his first memories of a green apple. 


After a multiple-facet career as a management consultant, a corporate learning director, an entrepreneur, and a Paris real estate agent, the Light House is now his mission.

More about Carsten on carstensprotte.com

architect, technical director

REMI pfligersdoRffer


Rémi is a certified French architect with 20 years of experience on projects commissioned by both private and public interests.


He is also the founder of Maisons Pied-à-Terre, where he initially developed his vision of a modern, modular micro home.