Land wanted

Mayors, municipal officials,


Together we can help rejuvenate your village and make it a beacon for others.


Together, we can:

- support local producers and craftsmen


- attract new residents and tourists


- give new life to unused land


- renovate abandoned buildings of historic interest, respecting the ecology of place.


Public land is not necessarily for sale, but our Co-Op can lease the land for a period of up to 99 years. Do you know of any public or private land that could meet our criteria?

"Even though we humans have a very hard time treading lightly, we can at least compensate by enhancing our environment in uniquely human ways."
Image by Michel Grolet

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Image by Colin Watts
the horizon
of a more beautiful world
within our reach.
Seek to make it be,
and see its light incipient."

Take our Survey

​Are you ready for a Light House? Answer these three questions to find out. 

1/  I consider the conservation of natural resources (air, water, soil, wilderness, biodiversity) to be one of the top three challenges humanity faces in the next decade.

2/ I am prepared to radically reduce or eliminate my consumption of products and services that deplete or pollute natural resources.

3/ I would like to live in natural surroundings, for at least a part of each year, in a home that is as beautiful as it is eco-efficient.

If you answered “yes” to all questions, then you are ready to begin. We would be grateful for your participation in our 2021 survey and hope to meet you someday in a Light House.

"Nature is by every standard superior in its use of light and its optimal lightness of form."  
Green Leaf

Sponsor a Light House

Does your company offer innovative technology that can make a home eco-exemplary and resilient? We would like to integrate such technology and promote it through our Light House. Here is a potential opportunity to gain market visibility.