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Acquire your own Light House as part of a co-owned estate.

This is rare opportunity to join a project that brings people together around shared living aspirations.

You may yearn to experience life part-time closer to nature, but find that is an enormous undertaking to purchase the appropriate land, design an eco-exemplary house, and obtain the required authorizations.

We open a new path toward this possibility. With vision and willingness to work together, we can make for a finer quality living environment. When land and certain resources are wisely shared, we have more to invest in quality.

Our project is to build three to six Light Houses on sizeable, shared plots of land. Each co-investor will be the exclusive owner of his/her Light House and will also benefit from the land and shared resources. Owners will be able to rent their house when not in use, and these rentals will be managed by our Co-Op.

This investment offers several advantages above and beyond conventional house ownership :

- having much more land to enjoy

- being part of a cooperative for the management of the land 

- the potential for tax-deferred rental revenues

- a rental reservation system to effectively source and manage appropriate tenants

-  guarantied maintenance.

Last but not least, you can foster the emergence of a new way of life where people work together as sensible stewards of their environment.

Contact us to learn more.

* The first Light House location has yet to be determined, so do contact us if you know of appropriate land for sale. See  "Place" for details).

"Trees have inspired the house's verticality and economy of space. Like a treehouse, it elevates us for better sight and slumber."

Order your own 



Our basic Light House model offers 40m2 of indoor space and 70m2 including the outdoor terrace space. 

Designed to be modular, this surface area can be easily doubled.

Prices start at 150 000 Euros (without furnishings). The time required to build: 2 months

 Contact us for a build estimate. 


Do you currently operate a hospitality business with guesthouses or other tourist accommodations? Consider expanding your capacity and attracting a clientèle willing to pay a premium for excellence in ecological design. Contact us about the feasibility of building a Light House on your property. 

"Beyond luxury lies artful simplicity,
where having less allows us to be more."

Rent a Light House


The Light House will be available for rental for stays of one week to several months. This is your chance to live closer to nature part-time, while keeping a foot in the city.  

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